How to backup iPhone contacts to PC

I have recently had the chance to migrate from my old iPhone 3G to a new iPhone 4S. If you have ever moved from one phone to the next, the problem with backing up iPhone contacts and transferring them to your new iPhone has certainly baffled you.

Here is how I managed to backup iPhone contacts directly to my PC and then to restore them to my new iPhone 4S. The steps below are also useful in case you lose access to your iPhone or it gets stolen. This way you will have a safe backup of your iPhone contacts.

The iPhone 3G does not support iCloud, backing-up iPhone contacts via iCloud is not possible.

Here are the steps in order to backup iPhone contacts:

1. On your computer, download and run a tool called CopyTrans Contacts and connect your iPhone. The app will display your iPhone contacts

2. Now simply drag and drop the contact entries from the main program window to a folder on your PC

3. Upon program prompt, select the format in which you would like to backup iPhone contacts to your computer. I selected the iOS line, so that later I can transfer the backed up iPhone contacts from my PC to my new iPhone

4. You will see your iPhone contacts backed up as vCards on your PC folder

5. You can now import the vCard entries to your new iPhone or keep them saved to your computer

6. This is an easy and offline method to backup iPhone contacts

Here is a quick YouTube video showing the steps again:

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