Wednesday, 21 March 2012

New iPad and iPhone to PC

I just had the time to test the new iPhone to PC app which is fully compatible with the latest iTunes v10.6, iOS 5.1 and most importantly with the new iPad.

I got my hands on the new iPad and for a boy-toy it handles itself well - I especially adore the Retina display which, trust me, on an iPhone looks good - on the iPad it is just breathtaking.

I will keep you posted for more...

Friday, 9 March 2012

Transfer iPod to Mac

You have just migrated to Mac.

  • You have an iPod full of songs

  • Your iTunes library on your Mac is empty

Have you ever wondered how to transfer your iPod songs to your Mac iTunes, for free?

I recently found a quick way to transfer iPod to Mac for free.

ipod to mac

Find out more about what this free tool can do by having a look at the video below:

Want to backup iPhone to PC instead? Have a look at CopyTrans.