Thursday, 26 May 2011

How to transfer iPhone to PC, how to copy iPod to iTunes and retrieve iPod Touch Videos ...?

With iTunes you found yourself stuck in a one way system, not allowing you to copy any contents from iPod or iPhone back to your computer. Now you're wondering how to get your videos, books, music off the iPhone back to iTunes or a folder on your PC?

Don't worry, since the beginning of the iPod success story, some 3rd party apps have been developed to facilitate the use of iPod and iPhone. A good one, and actually the one I use, is CopyTrans. It's very easy to use and safely copies music, videos, ringtones ... from the iPhone back to your PC.

iphone to pc

You're using Mac? Check out:

  • Senuti to transfer iPhone and iPod Touch contents to Mac

iphone to pc
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